Veritas School – Giving Thanks

By Lindsey Kozlowski, student of Veritas School in VA

People say that “a trip can change your life and open your eyes to view the world differently.” I was always hesitant to believe this claim, until I experienced it for myself. After an incredible trip to South Africa, my initial reaction from coming back to America, to my house, abundant with possessions, was to sell all of it and give it to the African children. I was overwhelmed by how much I have and take for granted. I realized, there was something that was gone that I couldn’t get back. My outlook and perspective on life was shattered. I would never see my life in the society that I live the same. For a week, I had devoted my heart to my learners. I was exposed to the poverty, hunger and brokenness that many people face everyday, in need of help and salvation. In the midst of all this, I encountered children, who were happy & thrilled with our presence there.


One moment that I experienced the kids’ pure happiness and joy was on Thanksgiving Day. At the end of the school day, we celebrated with brunswick stew, while listening to the learners share what they learned about American Thanksgiving throughout the week. The kids loved the stew and most had refills. Both the learners and our team shared things that made them were thankful. It was so amazing to see two different people groups uniting to share a meal, cherish laughs, make memories, and give many thanks. What inspired me the most is the love and kindness they displayed to us and to each another. There wasn’t one minute that the kids weren’t loving on us by asking for help or calling us to play. Through the kids’ actions, I could see happiness with where they are now and hope for better things to come. To help cope rejoining society after a life-changing experience, I will continue to help and plan Run for Mukhanyo in Richmond, join my team to sponsor a child at MCA, and diligently pray for the kids and the progress of MCA.


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