We need you!

Do you have a passion for projects, a fascination with fundraising, or a commitment to communications? If so, we’d love to put your skills, time, and talents to work through Friends of Mukhanyo!

  • Plan a Run For Mukhanyo – your school, Scout troop, youth group, neighborhood
  • Create and maintain a face book page for Friends of Mukhanyo
  • Host an information dessert to which you’ve invited friends
  • Help with annual banquet
  • Oversee social media for Friends of Mukhanyo
  • Involve your Scout troop (boys or girls) in raising funds and awareness for Mukhanyo Christian Academy
  • Create promotional brochures for Friends of Mukhanyo
  • Help plan mission trips to Mukhanyo Christian Academy

We value the time and talent you give to promote Friends of Mukhanyo.  Thank you in advance for participating.   You are creating opportunities for boys and girls in one corner of South Africa to have a meaningful and productive future.

Please contact us to learn more about how you can help.

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