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Fall 2015:
Run For Mukhanyo | Camp Cale, NC

Kids Helping Kids

Run for Mukhanyo is an annual race for kids, by kids, that raises funds for Mukhanyo Christian Academy. Established in 2011 by 7th grader Morgan Lewis, the granddaughter of Mukhanyo Christian Academy’s founders, Ed and Beth Rettig, Run for Mukhanyo gives kids an opportunity to serve other kids by collecting donations in a water bottle and running as many laps as they can in one hour.

Run for Mukhanyo has taken place at Morgan’s school, Veritas, in Richmond every year in October since 2011. To date, Morgan and her fellow runners have raised thousands of dollars for Mukhanyo Christian Academy. In 2013, Richmond’s Run for Mukhanyo raised more than $16,000. Watch Morgan talk about founding Run for Mukhanyo:

Trinity School in Durham and Run for Mukhanyo

In 2012, Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill began hosting its own Run for Mukhanyo. Morgan and her team traveled to Durham, North Carolina, to share their fundraising savvy and know-how with students from Trinity School. The event has taken off! 2014 will bring the fourth annual run and include students in pre-K through grade 12. The Run For Mukhanyo has enabled MCA to purchase two new classrooms and four toilets!

Watch Trinity students run and raise money for Mukhanyo Christian Academy:

Check out the video from the very first Run for Mukhanyo in Richmond back in 2011!

Run for Mukhanyo photographs supplied by Alan Norfleet Photography.

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