Grade R

2017 Grade R Students



Thandi is in Grade R at Mukhanyo Christian Academy. She loves the color pink and her favorite food to eat is oranges. Thandi’s favorite animal is the wolf.






At home, Thanolwami lives with her brother, aunt, and uncle where she enjoys watching cartoons and playing with her dolls. Her favorite color is purple, Giraffes are her favorite animal, and cabbages are her favorite food. Even after losing her left foot at the age of three in a car accident, Thanolwami’s favorite sport is running. Thanolwami loves attending Mukhanyo Christian Academy to pursue her studies. She enjoys the friends she has made and the teachers who have helped her to prosper academically. Inspired by her aunt, Thanolwami intends to follow in her footsteps by becoming a social worker.



Princess has a large family that she lives at with home comprising of her parents, two sisters, a brother, and an uncle. She has a lively spirit, enjoying singing and dancing at school and home. Her favorite activities are jumping rope with her teachers or playing netball with her friends at MCA. Princess’s favorite color is blue and she loves to eat pears. Her favorite animal is the lion, matching her outgoing personality. After completing her studies at MCA, Princess plans to become an eye doctor to help the blind and make her community a better place for those in need.



Mbali is very studious as she is an avid reader, enjoying story books and revisiting the creation story from the Bible. She loves MCA as she is able to learn from her teachers, play soccer, talk to her friends, and eat delicious food. Mbali lives with her mother and younger sister at home. Her favorite color is pink and lions are her favorite animal. Mbali aspires to become a police woman when she finishes school to serve her community.




Thandolethu lives with her parents in KwaMhlanga and attends Mukhanyo Christian Academy. She enjoys school because of its loving atmosphere created by her teachers and friends. Thandolethu loves to read and especially likes to listen to the stories her teachers read to the class. Thandolethu’s favorite color is yellow and loves to eat beef. Her favorite animal is the giraffe.





Ntokozo enjoys coming to MCA to learn and play games with her friends. Her favorite sport is soccer and she is an excellent dancer as well! At school, Ntokozo is very focussed and enjoys learning how to draw shapes best. She lives at home with his parents and likes eating cornflakes. Ntokozo’s favorite color is green and penguins are her favorite animal.





Lefa loves his family, cherishing his parents, sister and brother. He holds Christianity close to his heart as his father, Isaac Maleke, is a pastor at their local church. Lefa enjoys reading the Bible, his favorite Bible story being the creation of the world. In his free time, Lefa loves to play soccer with his friends and enjoys singing songs at school. Oats are his favorite food and cows are his favorite animal. Lefa aspires to become a policeman when he grows up to better his community.




Masombuka lives in a lively household with her grandparents, uncle, aunt, brother, and sister. She loves coming to MCA to see her friends and teachers as well as learn from her classes. One of her favorite parts about Mukhanyo is eating the food they serve. Masombuka’s favorite colors are pink and purple, and dogs are her favorite animal. She loves to play with her dolls at home when she is not at school. Masombuka plans to become a teacher when she grows older, inspired by her favorite teachers at MCA.



Musa loves to play with his friends and sing songs! He also loves to play with his motorbike toy and read the creation story in the Bible. Musa’s favorite color is black, and his favorite food is meat. The crocodile is his favorite animal. Musa lives with mother and father at home, and he wishes to become a police officer to follow in his parents’ footsteps.





Bafana loves coming to MCA! He enjoys learning to build structures with building blocks and playing with toy trucks. At home, Bafana lives with his parents and two brothers who also enjoy using building blocks and other toys. Bafana has two favorite colors: blue and cream. He also has two favorite fruits, which are oranges and strawberries. Bafana wants to become a truck driver when he grows up because of how much he enjoys his toy trucks. He asks for prayers to receive more food as he eats very well at MCA.


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