Grade 6

2017 Grade 6 Students

(Teacher Jeremie)



Jeremiah lives with his grandmother and uncle, and he greatly enjoys coming to MCA. He loves receiving the special care from his teachers, who show their love and knowledge with his class. Jeremiah enjoys leading class discussions, and he is seen as a leader by many of his classmates. He likes playing soccer with his friends at school, and red is his favorite color. He likes eating macaroni and meat, and the giraffe is his favorite animal. Jeremiah likes his math class, and he wishes to become a crime lawyer. Psalm 23 is his favorite chapter in the Bible, and he asks for prayers for his sick uncle, whom he is very worried about.  


Hope loves coming to MCA as she is always having fun inside and outside the classroom! In class, she likes learning in her math class or reading the Bible; her favorite chapter of the Bible is Psalms 26, and she loves the story of Moses. Hope is very athletic, and she enjoys playing lots of sports. Her favorite color is blue, and pizza is her favorite food. The zebra is Hope’s favorite animal, and she lives at home with her mother, father, brother, and sister. Hope plans on becoming either a doctor or dentist when she grows up, and she asks for prayers that she studies hard and that God will protect her family.



Angel lives with his parents at at home, and he dreams of becoming a pilot one day. He likes studying math in class and playing soccer with his friends. Red is his favorite color, and he likes eating KFC’s chicken and chips. The horse is Angel’s favorite animal, and Genesis 1:1 is his favorite verse in the Bible. Angel has a very peaceful disposition, and he believes strictly in no violence. He prays that he will pass school, and that God will help him to remember the importance of loving others no matter their differences.



Karabo is an orphan and lives with her grandparents and brother at home. Her favorite subject in school is English, and she especially likes reading. Karabo loves to sing and dance, and she also likes playing netball with her friends. She loves going to church, and Genesis is her favorite book in the Bible. Pink is Karabo’s favorite color, and pizza is her favorite food. Karabo’s favorite animal is the dog, and she has a very kind disposition.




Sihle lives with her older sister at home during the weekdays as her mother and father work in Pretoria until the weekend. She is very kind and active, enjoying to run and play netball with her friends. Sihle loves to sing, and math is Sihle’s favorite subject at school. Pink is her favorite color, and pizza is her favorite food. The cat is Sihle’s favorite animal, and she likes the book The Little Pony. Sihle wishes to become a doctor or dentist when she grows up.




Keneilwe lives at the orphanage center with her two brothers and two sisters, and she has an aunt who lives nearby. Keneilwe likes learning math in class as well as practicing her home language, Nsindebele. She loves playing netball with her friends, and she also loves to swim. Keneilwe also enjoys singing, and pizza is her favorite food. Purple and pink are her favorite colors, and Psalm 27:1-2 is her favorite Bible passage along with the first chapter of Genesis. Keneilwe is afraid of many of the animals around her, and she wishes to become a pediatrician when she grows up. Keneilwe asks for prayers that she will finish school and be relieved of the grieving she feels for her mother, who passed away in November of 2015.


Tshepang lives with her mother and brother at home, and she loves coming to MCA! Math is her favorite subject, and she loves playing netball. Tshepang has a beautiful voice and is a very gifted singer, leading many of the songs sung at school. She loves dogs, and pink is her favorite color. KFC is Tshepang’s favorite place to eat, and she likes watching Med Buddies on TV. Tshepang wishes to become a doctor when she grows up, and she asks for prayers that God will always remind her to be kind to everyone she meets.



Bongani loves MCA, especially his life skills class and reading with his teachers. He wishes to become either a pastor or a social worker that helps children without families. Bongani likes to play soccer with his friends, and blue is his favorite color. He lives with his mother, grandmother, two brothers, sister, and two baby girls. Bongani’s favorite story in the Bible is God’s creation, and he prays that God will help him in school as well as guide him on the right path to do good things.



Mmadipuo wishes to become a dentist when she grows up after completing school. She likes coming to MCA because its teachers treat their students well, make them feel safe, and have a wide array of information to share. Mmadipuo likes her life skills class and playing netball with her friends. Mmadipuo lives with her two uncles, aunt, and sister at home, and her favorite Bible verses are Psalms 9:1-2. Pink is her favorite color, and she likes eating pizza. Cats are her favorite animal, and Mmadipuo prays that she will finish school.


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