Grade 5

2017 Grade 5 Students

(Teacher Masombuka)



Junior has big dreams, one of them being to become the CEO of Coca-Cola! Junior is very patient and kind, and he loves his teachers at MCA. He enjoys attending church on Sundays too. He lives at home with his mother, father, and brother. Junior’s favorite Bible verse is Luke 19:10, and he wishes to study social science in the future. Lions are his favorite animal, and blue is his favorite color. He likes eating KFC, and Junior prays that God will make him his best self.




Sipho lives with his mother, three brothers, and seven sisters at home. He loves reading in class at MCA and also playing soccer with his friends. Chocolate is Sipho’s favorite food, and red is his favorite color. He likes both dogs and rabbits, and his favorite Bible character is Joshua. Sipho wishes to become a policeman when he grows up to help his community. Sipho has a hearing aid.




Masilela lives at the orphanage center and loves coming to MCA to pursue her dreams of becoming an engineer. She loves to read and draw as well as play soccer with her friends at school. Masilela likes attending church on Sunday as well. Pizza is her favorite food, and the lion is her favorite animal. Red is Masilela’s favorite color and she loves to play on the playground.





Justice loves to sing and dance, and he especially likes hip hop! At MCA, his favorite subject is English, and he loves to play basketball with his friends. Justice lives with his mother and sister, and he wishes to become an accountant when he grows up. Blue is his favorite color, and Justice likes eating chocolate cake. The cat is Justice’s favorite animal, and he even has one at home! Justice dreams of being able to visit Abu Dhabi one day and to travel to other places in the world.



Pleasure is an orphan, and he lives with his two sisters, brother, and the local pastor. He is very kind and eager to help complete chores. His favorite subjects in school are life skills and math. Pleasure loves coming to MCA as the school has excellent teachers compared to his public school experience, and he enjoys the smaller classes where everyone treats each other nicely. Pleasure loves swimming, and red is his favorite color. The zebra is his favorite animal, and he dreams of becoming a paramedic to help save people who have gotten into accidents. Psalms 32:1-3 is Pleasure’s favorite Bible passage, and he asks for prayers concerning his future, most importantly that he will always be kind to others.


Zanele lives with her mother, brother, and sister. She loves coming to MCA to learn math, and she plans on becoming a pediatrician when she grows up. Zanele is very athletic, enjoying tennis and gaga ball. She loves going to church on Sunday, and John 1:1 is her favorite Bible verse. Blue is Zanele’s favorite color, and chocolate is her favorite book. Blue is her favorite color.





Zinhle has dreams of becoming either a doctor or dentist when she grows up to help people in her community. Zinhle lives with her mother and three sisters at home, and she enjoys playing netball at school with her peers. English is her favorite subject, and blue is her favorite color. Zinhle likes eating pizza, and her favorite Bible story is Noah and the ark. She prays that God will heal her as sometimes she feels weak and has ear pain.




Kgothatso lives with his mother, father, two brothers, and two sisters. At MCA, he loves playing soccer with his friends and learning in his life skills class. Kgothatso’s favorite color is red, and he loves eating pizza. The lion is his favorite animal, and he dreams of becoming a traffic cop when he grows up.





Hope loves coming to MCA to learn and play with her friends! She lives at home with her mother, father, three sisters, and three brothers. Her favorite color is pink, and pizza is her favorite food. Hope’s favorite animal is the ostrich, and she loves going to church. Hope plans to become a doctor when she grows up so that she can help the people in her community.





Ntokozo lives with his mother, father, and brother at home. At MCA, he likes learning in his life skills class and playing on the playground with his friends. Ntokozo likes eating at KFC, and blue is his favorite color. Ntokozo’s favorite animal is the dog, and Psalms 2 is his favorite chapter in the Bible. Ntokozo dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up.





Zinhle wishes to become a doctor when he grows up! He is a top student and very bright with an energetic, curious personality. He likes his life skills class at MCA, and Proverbs is his favorite book in the Bible. Zinhle lives with his mother, father, two brothers, sister, and two nephews. Rabbits are his favorite animal, and pizza is his favorite food. Orange is Zinhle’s favorite color.


Thandi is an excellent student in every subject, and life skills is her favorite class at MCA. She wishes to become a teacher when she grows up, inspired by MCA’s teachers. She loves helping complete chores as well as tidy up the classrooms. Outside of class, she likes playing netball with her friends. Pink is Thandi’s favorite color, and she lives at home with her mother, father, sister, and brothers. She asks prayers for her family and their living conditions.




Princess lives with her grandmother and sisters as her mother left when she was younger. Princess loves her life skills class and she excels at reading. She is a wonderful student and is quick to make friends. Princess loves playing volleyball and eating pizza. Pink is her favorite color, and she wishes to study zoology when she grows up. Princess prays that she will be able to find a job and provide for her family.




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