Grade 4

2017 Grade 4 Students

(Teacher Esther)



Mthokozie lives with his mother, grandmother, two brothers, three uncles, and more. At MCA, he enjoys reading the most and also working on his math. Mthokozie loves playing on the playground and playing soccer with his friends. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite animal is the cheetah. Mthokozie’s favorite book of the Bible is Genesis.




Nokuthula loves coming to MCA! Her favorite part of Mukhanyo is its teachers, with whom she has formed a special bond. She loves playing gaga ball with her friends on the playground and singing as well. Nokuthula lives with her father, mother, two sisters, and two brothers at home. Her favorite color is red, and cats are her favorite animal. Pizza is her favorite food, and Nokuthula dreams of becoming a nurse when she grows up.





Maria is extremely intelligent and a very good student! She has a very energetic and bubbly personality. At MCA, she enjoys learning math and playing netball with her friends. Maria loves the teachers at MCA, explaining how beautiful they are both inside and out. Maria lives at home with her grandmother, mother, four sisters, and two brothers. Her favorite color is purple, and she loves eating lettuce and meat. Maria’s favorite animal is the pony, and her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:4. Her favorite character in the Bible is Jeremiah, and Maria prays that God will be with her for all time.



Mbongiseni lives with his grandmother and brother at home. At MCA, he enjoys reading and learning in his classes. Mbongiseni’s favorite color is green, and giraffes are his favorite animal. He likes eating spaghetti and watching TV. Mbongiseni plans on becoming a policeman when he grows up to help his community.





Xoli is friends with everyone he meets! He is very outspoken and loves to participate in class. Learning is the best thing about coming to MCA for Xoli, as he loves his math and natural science classes. He plans to become an engineer when he grows up and likes eating veggies the best. Blue is Xoli’s favorite color and the leopard is his favorite animal. Xoli was in a car accident when he was 11, and he lives with his mother, sister, and brother, though he isn’t always taken care of.




Koketso is a wonderful student! He excels at reading, math, and phonics at MCA, where he is able to do the fun things he loves. Koketso has a large family! He lives with his grandfather, grandmother, mother, five aunts, three uncles, four sisters, and six brothers. His favorite color is red, and Koketso loves eating pizza, KFC, and apple pie. The cat is his favorite animal, and John 1:1 is his favorite Bible verse. Abraham and Sarah are Koketso’s favorite characters in the Bible. Koketso wishes to be a mechanic when he grows up, following in the footsteps of his uncle. He asks for prayers for his future, guidance from God, and that he will become a grandpa later in life.


Katlego lives with his guardian and two sisters. At MCA, Katlego loves reading stories and playing with his friends on the playground or soccer field. He also loves swimming and gaga ball, making him quite the athlete! Katlego’s favorite color is blue, and he likes giraffes. Potatoes are his favorite food, and Katlego’s favorite book of the Bible is Matthew. Katlego dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up.




Lindia has a wonderful heart! He is very kind, the peacemaker in his grade. Lindia loves learning math at MCA, and he enjoys playing soccer and running as well. Lindia lives at home with his mother, two sisters, grandmother, and uncle, and they struggle to have enough to eat. He likes the color red, and Lindia’s favorite food is barbeque meat. He plans on becoming a soldier when he grows up.





Mpho loves playing soccer at MCA with his friends! He also loves to dance and go swimming. Mpho enjoys learning in his classes, especially reading his favorite book Finding the Sun. His favorite color is yellow, and Mpho loves pizza. Dogs are his favorite animal, and he has three at home along with one cat! Mpho lives with his parents and has a kind spirit.





Kamogelo loves MCA’s teachers so much that she is ready to become one herself! When asked what we should pray for, she replied that she hopes we pray that she completes school and can be a teacher too. Kamogelo loves technology and computers, hoping that she can teach about technology specifically when she grows up. Kamogelo lives with her grandmother, grandfather, mother, aunt, and little brother. She likes the color red and eating bananas. Kamogelo likes playing soccer or hanging out on the playground. Cheetahs are her favorite animal because of how fast they run, and her favorite Bible stories are the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.


Xolani is an excellent student! He excels in phonics, math, and reading at MCA. Xolani loves to sing and dance with his friends as well as play gaga ball and soccer on the playground. His favorite color is red, and Xolani likes eating meatballs. He dreams of becoming a policeman when he grows up, and Moses is his favorite Bible character. Xolani lives with his mother, grandmother, uncle, and brother, all of whom are very supportive of his education at MCA as his mother is in school as well.



Jaby lives at home with his father and sister. At MCA, his favorite subjects are math and reading, and his favorite books are Too Many Pumpkins and Stories of Cook about cake. Jaby likes eating watermelon and cabbage, and his favorite color is red. The lion is his favorite animal, and Jaby’s favorite Bible verse is Exodus 10:11. Jaby is very social and enjoys seeing his friends on the playground. He dreams of becoming a doctor in a specialized field, and he prays that he will pass school as well as thank God for forgiving his parents.



Lerato lives with her mother, four sisters, and two brothers at home. She likes watching TV, especially Sophia the First, and Lerato likes playing netball at school with her friends. Her favorite subject is English, and she enjoys singing songs, especially Lion of Judah. Lerato’s favorite part of MCA is the school’s teachers, who she loves greatly. Lerato’s favorite color is pink, and hot dogs are her favorite food. Giraffes are Lerato’s favorite animal, and John 1:4 is her favorite Bible verse. Samson and Delilah are Lerato’s favorite Bible characters. Lerato dreams of becoming a pediatrician when she grows up and prays that she will pass school.  


Mthokozisi loves playing sports! He enjoys playing both gaga ball and soccer with his friends at MCA. He also enjoys playing on the playground and reading books. Mthokozisi’s favorite subject in school is math, and he plans on becoming a businessman when he grows up, specializing in sales. Mthokozisi’s favorite food is a hamburger, and his favorite color is blue. The cheetah is his favorite animal, and Mthokozisi’s favorite Bible verse is Genesis 1:1 along with the books of the Bible that tell the early story of Jesus birth and childhood. Mthokozisi prays that God gives him a long life, hoping to make it to one hundred years old so that he can see his children grow up and give them the money they need.


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