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Q: How many students does Mukhanyo Christian Academy serve?

A: As of January 2015, our school will enroll 80 students in grades R (similar to kindergarten in the US) through 6. Learn more about us.

Q: How long has Mukhanyo Christian Academy existed?

A:  Our school opened in January 2010 (in sync with the South African seasons and educational calendar) with 20 bouncy, exuberant students in Grades R and 1st.

Q: Where is Mukhanyo Christian Academy?

A:  Our school is located in Mpumalanga, an impoverished region near Pretoria, South Africa.

Q: What does Mukhanyo Christian Academy offer students?

A:  We provide our students with a free education, daily meals, uniforms, and other necessary services.

Q:  Who founded Mukhanyo Christian Academy?

A:  Our school was founded by the late Beth Rettig, her husband, Ed, and her friend Haleh Modasser. Keith Brown quickly joined the founding team to provide vital leadership and to open the school when Beth became ill and could no longer push her vision forward. Keith is currently the Chairman of Friends of Mukhanyo. Learn more about our history.

Q:  Why build a school?

A:  Schools in South Africa are notoriously overcrowded and underfunded. In addition, the AIDS epidemic has devastated many families, creating scores of orphans and child-headed households. We believe education is a crucial way to provide hope and a future. Learn more about why we built our school.

Q:  Who are Friends of Mukhanyo’s partners?

A:  We are grateful for the partnership of several schools and churches, as well as Ambleside Schools International, an organization that provides teacher training. Learn more about our partners.

Q:  What is the educational philosophy that under-girds teaching at Mukhanyo Christian Academy?

A:  Teaching at Mukhanyo Christian Academy is based on the methods pioneered by educator Charlotte Mason, who was a passionate proponent of a “living education” for children. Learn more about how we teach. Watch videos from Ambleside about the Charlotte Mason method here.

Q: Are my donations to Friends of Mukhanyo tax deductible?

A: Absolutely! All US donations to Friends of Mukhanyo, a 501(c)3 organization, are tax deductible.

Q:  How can I help?

A: We’re so glad you asked! There are many ways you can get involved. Learn more about how you can volunteer (such as Run for Mukhanyo), join our cause, or donate.

Please contact us with any unanswered questions.

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