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We appreciate your interest in sponsoring a child at Mukhanyo Christian Academy.

Friends of Mukhanyo provide education, books, daily nutritious meals, uniforms, and social services for South Africa’s AIDS orphans and other vulnerable children, offering them a future and a hope. Your support will help the children continue to thrive. All US donations are tax deductible and can be made through Friends of Mukhanyo, our 501(c)(3) organization.

Friends of Mukhanyo’s monthly expense for each child is $170. There are several ways children can be sponsored.

  1. You may contribute $2,000 annually in support of a child.
  2. You may donate $170 each month.
  3. You may donate a portion of $170 each month (half support is $85, but you can choose any amount you wish!).

Sponsorship can be accomplished by mailing a check(s) to Friends of Mukhanyo, sharing your bank information so your account can be debited, or setting up a recurring donation via Paypal.

Please contact us to let us know of your desire to sponsor a child at 919-338-5200 or info@friendsofmukhanyo.com.

The children at MCA and we are grateful for your help. Thank you!

School is a welcome respite from many of the challenges our students, AIDS orphans and vulnerable children face.

School is a welcome respite from many of the challenges our students–AIDS orphans and vulnerable children–face.

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