• Director’s Corner #3

    Featured Student: Sandile is one of our 80 students at MCA.  She is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. She lives with her mother and grandmother, does well in English, enjoys music and loves to sing.  Sandile is generous and often will bake things at home and bring them to school to share…

  • How Lindsey’s Experience at MCA Changed Her Worldview Forever

    People say “a trip can change your life and open your eyes to view the world differently.” I was always hesitant to believe this claim until I experienced it for myself.  After an incredible trip to South Africa in 2014, my initial reaction coming back to America, to my home abundant with its possessions, was…

  • Celebration of Sandile’s Birthday

Trinity School Run for Mukhanyo

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Phone: 919-338-5200
Email: info@friendsofmukhanyo.com
Address: PO Box 51385, Durham, NC 27717

Going to South Africa!

Robin Kelly-Goss and her four children are embarking on an opportunity of a lifetime- one year working with the 92 children at Mukhanyo Christian Academy, in South Africa. They need your help.

Robin fell in love with the school and knew that she had to get back soon and help after visiting Mukhanyo Christian Academy in March for 10 days with other 13 people from North Carolina.

Her goal is to teach the children computer skills and hydroponic gardening in the hopes that they may better be able to support themselves in the future and to ignite a passion for education so that some may continue to university.

She is moving with her children- Pearl, 20, Isabella, 16, Samuel, 14 and Aidan 14. They each bring their own unique talent and heart to this trip. The girls both have lots of experience in theater, voice, music and art and look forward to working with the children in those areas. The boys will be helping in teaching English and the technology area and they will all be gardening.

The Kelly-Goss family plan to depart in mid to late July. This will make a big difference for the children and the teachers at Mukhanyo Christin Academy. Please donate and spread the word through your church, civic organizations and friends. You can donate at Robin’s go fund me page or click here for tax deductible donation and select "Kelly-Goss family" under fund.

Leaders of Tomorrow

Friends of Mukhanyo is a non-profit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. All donations to Friends of Mukhanyo are tax deductible.

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